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We do things differently...

The Mother Hub was created out of a desire for something different. A business that understands the challenges faced by mums running their own businesses and provides support in a way that feels less business to business and more like friend to friend and mum to mum.

The mum behind The Mother Hub is Clare. She has several years' experience in Marketing, PR and Events and wanted to create a place for mums who run their own businesses to get support in these areas in a non-intimidating way, where they are understood and empowered. Where you're part of a community that wants you to succeed and for your business to shine.

Growing up as an introvert and still sometimes falling back into that as an adult, Clare also understands the challenges some mums face when it comes to networking, so has created an environment where networking feels more like a get together with friends. Where you'll feel relaxed, you'll laugh and make lasting connections. Where stuffy is most definitely NOT on the agenda.

Get in touch with Clare today to see the many ways The Mother Hub can support you.

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