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Baby and You with Katie

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baby and you with katie

Holistic sleep coaching& baby wellbeing practitioner

Whether you are looking for an expert in your child's sleep, want to learn what your newborn needs, or looking for local new baby classes. Katie blended the perfect mix of ingredients and will offer gentle support that's tailored to you.

Sleep consultant

Katie is a Cheshire based sleep consultant who expertly supports the whole family towards peaceful nights.

Using a holistic approach Katie looks for triggers that maybe preventing those long stretches of sleep and work with you to fix bad habits or routines.

Newborn support

Katie offers her expertise and experience when booking her for a newborn consultation. You can learn just what your baby needs, and will take away a whole tool kit of tips and tricks

Local classes

Katie has trained in newborn behaviour observations and communication, baby massage, 1001 days framework, baby yoga, tummy time practitioner and puts all these together into one gorgeous 6 weeks course called soothe settle and sleep.

PAIISE therapeutic movement for new mothers

A beautiful new mum and baby wellbeing class full of guided meditations and gentle movement to support the beautiful transition to motherhood.

Stretching and moving the body to aid emotional release with affirmations to strengthen the bonds between mum and baby.

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