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Navigate motherhood in style

Bon + Bear offers style-led newborn essentials, alongside parent-approved support; everything new Mamas need to succeed.

Founded by new-mum and former fashion-buyer MJ Barton, Bon + Bear's vision is to ensure Mamas feels empowered, happy and confident during the fourth trimester. Fuelled by MJ's own experience, the company was set-up with the aim of helping just one Mama who might have also encountered similar challenges regarding feeding, reflux and confidence. The company has since grown its ambitions and now champions a goal to improve all-round support for new Mamas.

Central to Bon + Bear's offering is its 'Modern Essentials' product collection, which features its award-winning Baby Wrap and Nursing Cover. These, like all the products in the range, were conceived and designed by MJ with the sole aim of making a Mama's journey into motherhood stylish, practical and fuss free. Supporting its products is an online platform featuring honest advice, Mama-approved support and an accessible community. Focusing on themes such as parenting tips, self-care and style, Bon + Bear addresses a range of post-partum struggles such as breast-feeding or losing your sense of identity post-baby.

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