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cbt runcorn

I am a local psychotherapist and mum of three (under 5! ekkk).

I am trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which is a really effective therapy for people that are feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, down, low, demotivated plus many many more problems. I am also an accredited therapist meaning that I have a quality stamp from a national therapy organisation.

I often work with people that are experiencing distressing emotions as a result of the stress of work. This can often happen for mums when they are returning to work after an absence or trying to juggle the different parts of their home and work life balance.

Anxiety can be a very normal part of parenting, after all our little humans don't come with a instruction book but if anxiety is an everyday feature, if anxiety is stopping you from doing what you would like to do for yourself and your children, if you find your child displaying your own behaviours and worries and anxieties, then maybe it is a time to act.

I do in person therapy sessions in my cosy and bright welcoming therapy room in Sandymoor Runcorn. It is easy to get to and find and close to the motorway and not far from places like Warrington and Chester. I also do remote appointments which can be great for people that have very little time or feel uncomfortable going out.

My clients tell me that I am empathetic, a good listener, I really care and I work hard to help them to understand their mental health and motivate them to make changes.

I also work with local businesses to run one off workshops into things like stress management and can inform and provide therapy for their staff.

Find out more by visiting my website below.


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