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The secret to being a Supermum!!

Hi I’m Faber from The Lifestyle Manager, we are a Cheshire based company offering monthly memberships and personalised ad-hoc packages to enhance every part of your busy mum life!

We specialise in services such as-

product researching , personal shopping, life admin, nannying, home styling, declutterring, house sitting, events organising and hosting.

With shared boards and calendars you’ll be one step ahead when it comes to school parties, there will be a present wrapped and ready for you. To home organisation, colour coding and decluttering, as well as styling. We take the time to get to know you and what you and your family need, whether it’s an extra pair of hands on a flight, a school run or party planning and hosting. Life admin can be a thing of the past, we give you time to now focus on you, we can sort your bills out whilst you have time to get your hair done- from returning parcels to organising a car valet and gardening, the list is endless. From the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Message us to find out more information, looking forward to meeting you.

07415 496764
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Faber x

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