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I am Tracey-anne, first and foremost a reflexologist, specialising in fertility, pregnancy, antenatal and postnatal.

I am a birth support doula and placenta encapsulator, but the one part of my work, which in my books is also incredibly important is antenatal teaching for both parents, couples, grandparents etc.

Not only is it vital, from fertility right through to the third trimester and birth itself and postnatal (taking baby home), to be well informed and I do "stress" those words, "well informed", there are too many times when I have had to extend a treatment on a day, in order to calm a couple or explain in detail what has not been described or explained in a simple way by a midwife, a specialist or an antenatal course and sometimes including a hypno- birthing course.

I try to make sure that everyone I come into contact with understands the journey fully, is calm, is grounded and has the strength and the power to keep themselves on that birth journey road.

Communication and knowledge is key.

I work all over London and surrounds, I run courses in Buckinghamshire in group classes or in your own home.

Contact me for more information at or take a look at our website by clicking below.

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