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Support for mums who want to become & stay alcohol free

WELCOME TO OUR CIRCLE -An Online Alcohol-Free Community for Busy Mums

We help you discover yourself and support you to recognise, understand and meet your needs in healthy and empowering ways instead of settling for a glass of wine, because you deserve so much more.

We are a community of mums who share experiences, challenges and successes. We realise that we are each unique individuals, but not alone in our struggles and together we rise up to overcome the stresses of parenting, which are only made more difficult by alcohol.

We offer coaching support, techniques and challenges to help you escape your own use of alcohol and find yourself.

Our Circle is a supportive network, which can be integrated into a busy mum's life. It is not something else to try and fit in to already busy lives or to add to an already impossible to-do list. Instead, it creates a sense of knowing, an understanding that we have a tribe and a team who has our back, who knows our struggles and are cheering us on.

You can choose to join us on one of our alcohol free challenges or join the membership directly.

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