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Here for you to be pampered!

Hi, I'm Kelly, mum of two beautiful children -- but I'm as biased as you'd expect!

Spurred on by our lost year of 2020, I saddled up my ambition and set out to stake my claim in a field that was always a passion of mine: beauty.

I love having beauty treatments: stepping out of my stress before leaving looking fabulous. And I know how important it is to prioritise myself after working hard to support my family.

We ALL deserve that feeling!

Beginning my journey with classic lashes, I knew that beauty and I were a perfect match. It felt like coming home. After fifteen months of honing my skills with study and dedication, I can happily meet all your beauty needs.

But more than techniques to make you look or feel better than ever, I work to make each appointment a relaxed experience. Each visit is a chance for you to feel valued, whether you prefer to talk, drift away in silence, or bring your headphones.

It's your appointment tailored to your needs!

And that matters because you matter. For example: During an hour-and-a-half appointment, a client wondered if I were a therapist in every sense because she hadn't talked as much about herself in years. That meant the world to me! In fact, many of my clients begin their appointments as clients but leave them as friends.

It's the reason I love my job.

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