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shell wellness

Qualified Holistic Practitioner

Hey I'm Shell,

I am a qualified Holistic Practitioner specialising in:

Meditation | Sound Healing | Reiki | Crystal Healing

I am passionate about helping people improve their wellness in a holistic way. I find it frustrating that we are taught how to look after our bodies, but less about how to look after our minds. We are encouraged to eat healthily and go to the gym or get our 10000 steps in, but what support are we offered in regards to keeping our mental health in top condition?

I have struggled with my mental health since I was 14 and am now on a mission to help and support others through my group classes and private treatment sessions.

Drop me a DM today if you’d like to discuss how I could help you, or take a leap of faith in yourself and book onto a class! Prioritising that time for yourself, to stop and to rest is invaluable and can really make the world of difference!

Remember, you are not the thoughts in your head, you are a limitless being and your life is yours to live.

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