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Hi I'm Tinaz,

Mum of 3 and Founder of Tinzi's Curiously Colourful Muslins & Blankets.

It's a myth that infants can only see in black and white, so welcome to our curiously colourful world of striking sensory blankets and muslins, all guided by the science of colour to help nurture curiosity in developing minds!

We are a Slow Fashion, handmade, London based baby brand, that's daring to be different. We create stylish blankets and muslins that make a statement, and purposefully harness the science of colour to nurture infant curiosity helping support their development and a love of learning through visual exploration, interaction and play.

With over 15 years in clinical and human performance research with Russel Group universities, GOSH and the Institute of Child Health, Tinzi's has enabled me to bring together my passions of early years development, making science accessible to all, and making this world a bit brighter through beautiful sustainable textiles.

If you love colour and are looking for something a bit different, either as a gift, for yourself, then you've come to the right place. We are Slow Fashion, which means each season's stock is limited and, once it's gone it gone. So if you love it, grab it!

Follow us on Instagram @tinzis, on Facebook @tinzisUK, or visit our website by clicking below.

Curiously Colourfully Yours!


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