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toni axon coaching

Hi, I'm Toni I'm a mum of three boys, and after 13 years as a stay-at-home mum, I found myself at a crossroads when my youngest went off to school. I needed to find a new purpose, but the path wasn't easy. I hit many brick walls before discovering my passion for coaching. I decided to retrain with Barefoot Coaching and am a member of the ICF and AC, and I absolutely LOVE it!

I developed a strong desire to support and empower mums, no matter what stage of the mum journey they are on. Every mum's experience is unique, and I'm here to help you navigate yours with confidence and fulfilment. I work in a safe, confidential environment, and much of my work with clients takes place online, making it convenient and accessible.

Examples of Who I Can Help...

New Mums: If you're feeling low in confidence, isolated, and overwhelmed.

Returning to Work: If you're anxious about returning to work after maternity leave and feeling isolated from your employer.

Feeling Stuck: If you're feeling stuck in your role at work and unsure of your next steps.

Rediscovering Yourself: If you feel like you've lost your identity after years of being "mum" and want to reclaim a sense of balance in your life.

Everyone's journey is unique, and I'm curious to find out more about yours. I'm here to assist you on your path to fulfilment, balance, and happiness. Let's embark on this journey together and make your mum life an empowering and enriching experience!

Click below to visit my website and feel free to reach out for a chat.

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