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well women cheshire

Hi, I'm Fiona.

I'm a former midwife, Holistic Core Restore ® Coach, focusing on pelvic floor and core
health, Massage therapist, Scar therapist and pregnancy and postnatal exercise specialist.

My vision is to help women flourish, uncurl, stand tall and feel good in their bodies.Equipping them with tools to enjoy everyday life activities and exercise they may choose to
do. Taking a holistic approach. Through massage therapy, scar therapy, exercise and lifestyle

Finding what works well for your body. Our bodies are different so not 'one size fits all'.
All of my programmes are designed to support both your physical and emotional wellbeing,
wherever you are in your journey pregnancy, postnatally or as a women at any stage of life.

I offer one-on-one sessions to guide you to restore your strength and function after birth,
returning to exercise or recovering from pelvic floor dysfunction and to help you recover
from things like diastasis, c-section and pelvic floor dysfunction. As well as offeringpregnancy 1:1 programs.

Check out my website by clicking below.

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