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Zero waste sewing

Zero waste sewing creating bright fun reusable products

I have a zero waste sewing ethos. Making colourful, beautifully practical and sustainable products whilst saving fabrics from landfill and waste.

I only use remnants, deadstock and roll end fabric for the colourful aspects, sometimes pieces are too small to make garments so I turn them into something else.

Each piece is individual and always unique just like you.

My best sellers are:

Period Adventure Pants are a truly unique pair of pants.

These pants are an absolute game changer.

They can be used on their own for a light to moderate flow or can also be used as backup for a heavy period

Super soft and comfy pants made from premium soft cotton jersey fabrics with a highly absorbent core which is 70% bamboo & 30% organic cotton. They are leakproof as they're backed with a brand of recycled fibre that is made from recycled materials including used plastic bottles. Truly eco-friendly.

Super comfy underwear with wide jersey leg bands and waistband so no elastic to dig in and cause discomfort.

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