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I often get asked how I fit it all in.

3 children, a husband, a dog, 2 businesses, training to become a Bowen Practitioner and all of the other things that we call 'life'.

The simple answer is: my sacred practices.

And by sacred, I mean that these are non-negotiable routines and rituals that I schedule time for.

There was a time that I was so overwhelmed by life that I was on anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds and drank to excess at the weekends in order to blur the chaos of my life.

I can see that these things were my survival kit and in order to not just survive but to begin to thrive, I needed to reassess my tool kit.

My Thrive Tool Kit:

I get up at 5am Monday to Friday and around 6:30am Saturday and Sunday. This is my uninterrupted time that sets me up for the day. I use this time to meditate, gently move my body through yoga, energy work and journaling. The key for me here is consistency. If I don't do it, I can see the impact for the rest of the day.

Scheduling rest time. I know this can be hard. I function with extremely high energy BUT I have learnt that in order to maximise my high energy, I MUST have rest periods. When I do, I am so much more productive than forcing myself to function at a consistently high level. This requires effort and asking for help. My husband takes the children swimming on a Sunday so I can have an hour to myself. I make time for a bath every evening. When my days are packed, I schedule 10 minute mindfulness breaks.

Surrounding myself with like-minded people. Creating time for friends can be really hard BUT it is vital to retain that connection to other humans. The important thing here for me was choosing who I was spending my time with. This doesn't involve cutting people out but maybe reframing what you do with them. Stopping drinking means I don't go 'out, out' as much, so inviting friends to join me in things I enjoy or trying new things and meeting new friends has really expanded my experience of life.

Finding things to do that light me up and booking these in. Yoga, sound baths, sober raves, cold water dips, hiking, running, PT, Moon circles, coaching programs, breathwork, learning new skills, walks with friends, bowling with the kids, spa days. I actively choose how I spend my time rather than just leaving it to chance. When I first stopped drinking, booking something in for a Saturday morning was really useful to support me on the Friday night. Knowing I had something to get up for.

Reading and learning. I love to understand how things work, especially the mind and our bodies. Continually learning enables me to stay focused and explore new ideas and habits.

Having a project to focus on. We bought a van last year that we are converting to a camper. This is currently taking up a lot of our time and the bonus is we get to spend time together working on it – when we're not arguing over colours.

Dating my husband and my kids. This brings me so much joy and my kids look forward to it so much. Being a mum of 3, it can be difficult to get 1:1 time with each child. Every 3 months, each child has a date with me – of their choice. We get creative with this and go between paid for and free dates. So much fun and some amazing memories. Making time for just my husband and I has meant we connect on a much deeper level.

My coaches and mentors. Knowing that I have got someone in my corner is so empowering. Knowing that I'm not doing this alone is reassuring. My life has improved immeasurably since I hired my first coach and enabled me to deepen into my purpose.

If you would like to find out ways in which you can build your own Thrive Tool Kit, drop me a message and let's chat.

With love,


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