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How styling can transform your wardrobe and change your life

Many of the ladies that come to me are mums and almost all of them say they've lost their way or their identity, or both! Some of them tell me that they feel scruffy or shabby, that they don't know where to shop and that they want to feel more put together. Looking at a wardrobe full of clothes that you hope may fit you again one day is damaging for your mental health!

I love helping my clients process these thoughts and organise their wardrobes so that they're functional, wearable and easy to navigate! We look at what's there, revive existing outfits and go shopping for the gaps, which is the BEST bit.

Creating a capsule wardrobe involves identifying approximately 15-20 carefully chosen pieces, which then work together to build in excess of 50outfits. And when those pieces are in colours that make your skin bright and your eyes sparkle, cut so that they're flattering for your unique body shape and you're shown how to wear them together in different combos, the shift in perception is huge. It's literally mind blowing for me to see how it changes the way clients view themselves and more importantly, how they feel!


Here's a brilliant example of how this process can really change your life and alter the way you see yourself...

A lovely client booked a Styling Party earlier this year, which included express colour analysis, body shape analysis and style personality inspiration, and this really sparked her interest. She's a mum who's recently come out of the corporate world and set up her own business and wanted to be able to dress for her new lifestyle.

She went on to book a Styling Session, where we went through her existing wardrobe and pulled out some 'wardrobe heroes', which she hadn't worn for quite sometime. I showed her how they complimented her body shape when they were combined with other key pieces, and she was amazed at how many outfits she already had.

She then started to understand how to put clothes and accessories together, using what she'd learnt about her body proportions, colour mixing and matching, and styling tricks.

From there, she started to have more confidence about how to pull together outfits from her existing wardrobe. She also started to notice that there were lots of pieces she simply didn't wear anymore because they no longer served her body shape. She booked in for a Wardrobe Detox (on a VIP discount as she'd already done the Styling Session) and we worked through organising her wardrobe so that it was quick and easy for her to get dressed in the morning – storing away seasonal items, discarding (by reselling) items that no longer fit her body shape and lifestyle and organising her wardrobe so that she could open it on a busy morning and easily pull together a stylish outfit.

We made a list of key items that were missing, and I pinned them into her virtual shopping basket, which made her wardrobe entirely functional and utterly fabulous for her lifestyle.

Every time I see this client, I'm blown away by how amazing she looks. But the best part is that the last time I saw her, she told me how this process had changed her life! She felt more confident in what she wore, she really understood the colours and shapes that suited her, and she found it easier to choose clothes rather than constantly ordering the wrong items online and having to send them all back. She found joy in shopping – and in dressing herself – and this is what makes my job worthwhile!!!

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