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I truly believe that happiness is travelling, hence the name of my agency Travel me happy. I have been fortunate to have made some fantastic memories while on holiday.

What's great about being an independent travel agent is that I can now share my experiences with other people. Being a Mum, it gives me the opportunity to work around running a family and lets me help families to make wonderful memories.

I love planning trips and exploring new places, which is one of the reasons why I enjoy what I do. Finding the perfect destination, place to stay and helping create a fantastic itinerary for people to explore and then finding out all about it once they've beenit's a real joy.

Being an independent travel agent is a bit like parenting no two days are the same. One minute I can be looking for a young family's first holiday, the next I can be discussing tour of India and Nepal. The best thing is being able to find things for people that they may have not known about, wouldn't have considered or give them alternatives for things that they would love to do but thought they would never be able to afford.

It's not just holidays. I also have the ability to book sports events, concerts and festivals. It was great to pass Champions League tickets to an Arsenal fan to watch them play at the Emirates (rather them than meI mean, Arsenal!) Sending an email with tickets and being able to say "have a nice time" is the best feeling. I get to spread a little bit of magic.

Many people wonder with all the different booking sites why would you need to use a travel agent? Well, there's several reasons:

You're delegating to an expert. I do all the work to research and book your trip for you.

That £100 you're saving on that reveal deals website is never worth it when you need to cancel or change flights. You'll probably end up with extra fees and charges to change or cancel your booking

As a travel agent I have access to promotions and connections that you may not necessarily see online and don't even know you're missing out on

As a travel expert, I help give people advice. Every Thursday I provide travel tips on my instagram account to share some small tips and hacks. Plus when there is some travel news I try to explain what it means or what exactly is happening.

If you want regular travel tips then please follow me on instagram @travelmehappy_1 or if you want to talk travel then please do get in touch.

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