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Holly Crabtree (33), a local mum and fitness instructor, is launching Mamas and Cubs exercise classes in Norwich this October.

Providing more than just a workout, Holly, also a practising Health Visitor, will be offering support and expertise with baby weighing scales available and time during the one-hour sessions to answer any questions.

As a pre and post-partum fitness specialist as well as a former Paediatric Nurse, Holly knows the importance of making local mums in the community feel supported, commenting: "There's lots of fitness classes for women, but they don't always consider the need for pre or postpartum adjustments to exercise, or cater for babies in class. I've been to gyms that offer workouts, but you have to put your baby in a creche, I wanted to create something that ticks all the boxes".

She continued: "Mamas and Cubs will allow for both mum and baby to be present to allow for bonding and for mums to feel supported by getting their questions answered. By being able to get their baby weighed in class as well, it's another job off the to do list for busy new mums!".

Holly, who is mum to daughter Hattie and lives in Norwich, will be launching classes for babies from around 10 weeks up to 2.5 years, with classes having different themes and music. Mamas and Cubs will focus on helping mums regain strength and stamina whilst also supporting mental wellbeing and provide an opportunity to meet other mums.

Also partnering with local baby business, Squidge and Me to provide ultimate play packages, alongside workshops, Holly is keen to provide a hub for new mums across the area, saying: "I want to revolutionise the support available to mums of young children. By combining my knowledge as a Health Visitor with fitness, along with ultimate play packages and workshops with Squidge and Me, on topics such as top tips for fussy babies and introducing solid foods, mums across our local community will be able to socialise, feel more supported and stronger both physically and mentally."

Mamas and Cubs sessions will run from October at Frettenham Village Hall on a Tuesday and Old Lakenham Community Centre on a Saturday.

To find out more about Mamas and Cubs and to claim your first session for free, visit: or call Holly on: 07929115418.

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